Trev and Simon podcast no.1 is here


It’s not just here. It’s all over the place. Never has so much nonsense been spoken by so few men. But we’re beginners, so please bear with us.

You can listen to it here- Trev and Simon Podcast No. 1

It’s unedited, and it goes on for an hour. We had plans of things to talk about, and then we didn’t talk about them. Me and Trev don’t get to see each other too often so when we do, we can’t stop talking. If you like the idea of two men talking nonsense but you can’t be bothered nipping down to your local pub and finding a couple of drunk bums to listen to, then give our podcast a go. What have you got to lose, other than a hour.

Here’s a list of things we talk about:

  • Smiley Culture
  • Pob v Bod
  • What the podcast is going to be called
  • What we’ve been up to over the last ten years
  • Me (Simon) saying “Swing your pants” and annoying Trev
  • Outed by Jonathan Ross
  • Obama’s rubbishy car
  • Ghosts (Roman ones, poltergeists, ghosts who say ‘hello’)
  • Phantasm (the film)
  • Hammer Horror films
  • Raquel Welch and Fred Trueman
  • Marc Bolan
  • Trev’s family collection of porno (from when he was a child) versus my family’s Football Pink
  • Cake
  • Belief
  • Coronation Street is real
  • My blog- Mummified Fox
  • A question from Bruce

We hope you enjoy it. Next time we’ll keep it to 45 minutes. That’s Andrea’s advice. At least I think she said 45 minutes. It could have been 4 to 5 minutes. Andrea produced our podcast, and, more importantly, she wouldn’t let go until we agreed to do one. She’s been going on at us for ages now to do one and eventually we have. We owe Andrea everything (except money, of which we have none). Thank you Andrea.

And a belated big thank you to our friend Sarah too. Andrea has pointed out that Sarah first uttered the words “A Trev and Simon podcast”. So, not only did Sarah suggest it first, she also named it, and from now on she will be known as Sarah “Say what you see” Woodhead. Thank you all. This is turning into some kind of  Winslet weep-fest. I’ll leave it to Trev to add on all of his thank-you’s. …Oh er…what? Me? (Trev now) Thank you (sob) Thanks everybody (weep) Thanks…(blub)…I can’t go on…please read the comments below.

8 Responses to Trev and Simon podcast no.1 is here

  1. Maisie says:

    Hi there, because I’ve got a rubbish computer for some reason I can’t access this podcast so why don’t you make it available on iTunes you should do this for 2 reasons first for my own selfishness I can hear it and second you’d find a bigger audience on iTunes, don’t tell me to buy a new computer because it actually is new but was recently attacked by a virus and is only just recovering thats why its crap.

    Thanks Maisie

  2. Simon Hickson says:

    Hi Maisie, our friend and producer Andrea is looking into that. We fully intend to get it onto iTunes. Will keep you posted. And I wouldn’t dream of telling you to get a new computer, but I can’t speak for Trev. Best wishes, Simon

  3. Maisie says:

    Hi thanks for replying so quickly. in the meantime I’ve decided to steal my sister’s computer whilst I decide whether to take a hammer to mine. Best wishes Maisie

  4. Lee Ricketts says:

    welcome back boys! my, hasn’t the world gone downhill since you have been off the scene! it truly does my heart good to see you both alive and well!

    my PC doesn’t seem to want to download your podcast thing, will keep trying or hit itunes to get it!

  5. Trevor Neal says:

    I’ve only just seen that Simon ended that post by handing over to me to do more thanking – which I haven’t done yet – how rude of me! So…Sarah – a very belated thankyou – Andrea -thankyou again – Simon – thankyou too for cake and so much more – thankyou Maisie and Lee for taking the time to comment – thankyou one and all (breaks down in floods of tears).

  6. Hannah says:

    Now, this is just getting silly. Podcast number one – listened to it on here the first time, tried to download it on itunes and only got 20 minutes, tried to download it on here, only got 20 minutes, anyone know what on earth is going on?

  7. Simon Hickson says:

    Sorry Hannah. me no, I haven’t a clue. But hopefully Andrea will know. And the 21st minute is the best one too.

  8. Joe says:

    Hi Guys! Hope life is still pant swingingly good for you both! Now life’s and technology has moved on so much so what do you enjoy swinging your pants to these days? I like swinging my pants to the digital voice announcer on the district line trains on the underground!

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