Trev and Simon podcast on iTunes

swing-pants-silhouette1You can now subscribe to our podcast, for free, on iTunes. We’ve just done our first one, and we’ll be doing another very soon. You can subscribe here.

Please do. There’s nothing preventing you. Oh, but we do warn listeners that it is unsuitable for children. And adults.

7 Responses to Trev and Simon podcast on iTunes

  1. Maisie says:

    great podcast I’ve listened several times now and it still makes me laugh, looking forward to the next one.

    I have a question for you’re next podcast: If you were a piece of food about to be eaten would you prefer to be chewed up and eaten or swallowed whole?(pleading not to be eaten is not an option)

    Take Care Maisie

    P.S Did you get a picture of the cake?

  2. Trevor Neal says:

    Umm…that’s food for thought. Yes I think we have got a picture of the cake – but not sure where it is right now – maybe it got eaten. A real life cake just like it though should be on sale I believe in your local CO-OP.
    PS – that’s a picture of Simon – not me – don’t think I’ve quite got the hang of administrating this page yet. Doh!

  3. Simon Hickson says:

    The cake, yes! I think I have pics. will try to get them on the site later. As to the question… oh, it’s for the podcast isn’t it. I’ll hold off on my thoughts on that one. I do have some though.

  4. tomM says:

    Great podcast guys, made me laugh out loud in several places. I’ll definitely download again! Who’d have thought cutting a cake could be so exciting?

    Only downer was that the mp3 needs to be made louder/compressed/normalised a bit. Volume was a bit quiet and levels were all over the place, made listening during my commute a bit tricky.

  5. Simon Hickson says:

    Cheers Tom. Will try to solve those problems for the second one (to be done next Thursday). Still learning really, but a simple solution is me leaning back a bit or just shutting my big mouth.

  6. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the feedback Tom – I will be improving the sound quality on the next one. It’s a bugger to get right!

  7. Zoe says:

    I loved the podcast!!!! But don’t you guys have a radio show together anyway? If not, you should have!

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