That podcast cake in full


To celebrate our first podcast we had a cake. It was 65p (I think) and very near its sell by date. I cut it as I saw it, and to me this was perfectly acceptable. But maybe, to others, my cake disecting was seen as a little unconventional. I can feel a poll coming on.

12 Responses to That podcast cake in full

  1. Trevor Neal says:

    Can I also recommend the creamy coconut cake by the same manufacturer for the same price. Delicious which ever way you cut it.

  2. Trevor Neal says:

    Alternatively you may prefer to rent a fake cake from here…

  3. Elaine says:

    Ah great!!! Now I want cake!!! lol. Perhaps another poll could be ‘Can you use too many exclaimation marks?’

  4. Jason says:

    Mahatma Nappy has to be one of the best sign offs in podcast history. Just off to buy a football pink.

  5. Hannah says:

    I think the cake looks yummy scrummy, what kind is it?
    I make good cakes. I should be commissioned to be the official supplier of fresh (not nearly out of date) cakes to the podcast. Except delivery may prove a bit tricky…
    Hannah xx

    PS-Cake rental is one of the most silly ideas I’ve ever heard. Well maybe not quite. But still pretty silly.

  6. Maisie says:

    It’s a work of art! It should be hanging in a gallery,Simon you are truly skilled, I’m jealous cause I’d like a bite (no sarcastic tones whatsoever).

    Maisie xx

  7. Trevor Neal says:

    It’s a CO-OP cake – currently 96p in my local CO-OP – I think Simon got it special offer – there’s three in the range – Chocolate, Coconut and Jam sponge as far as I know – all good. Thanks for the offer to make podcast cakes Hannah – great idea. We discussed many things in that podcast from Ghosts to Ghandi but that cake is obviously podcast gold.

  8. Andrea says:

    Hannah – that is a wonderful offer, and ties in beautifully with my idea that we should have a different cake each podcast.

  9. amy says:

    i knew it was a co-op cake. i often have them, but never cut them, just eat them as they are!! yum.

  10. Trevor Neal says:

    Ok Amy – nice idea – maybe next time we cast a pod we should have a cake each then – Oh-huh Andrea – we’re gonna need a bigger pod!

  11. Andrea says:

    PS. Surely the heading of this post should be ‘That podcast cake in pieces’ ?

  12. dAVE says:

    Hi trev and simon,that cake looks yummy,pass us some!

    Great to hear you guys,i’ve always found you blooming fan tastic,loved those going live days.
    Bring on the podcast!

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