Casting Pod No.2 Soon.

We are planning to cast a new pod this week. Feel free to suggest  topics for discussion or types of  cake to eat etc.

5 Responses to Casting Pod No.2 Soon.

  1. Siobhan says:

    I am very happy that you are doing a podcast! why not talk about any of the following…. Kate Bush song lyrics, food allergies (especially gluten for my friend…) and people asking silly questions like “can you eat weetabix?”, why did Milky Ways change colour inside? will they bring back mint wispas? Celebrity Ham (you can buy it in Netto in Barnsley….) why tampons are thus called… will the earth spin off its axis for the digital switchover, “whens the sun going to burn its sen out”? just a few suggestions… I am at work passing the time of day! cheers !

  2. Simon Hickson says:

    Cheers Siobhan. I’m sure we will find some time to discuss and mock your suggestions… in a nice way.

  3. Hannah says:

    I reckon you should have a banana and choc chip cake – I was given one free t’other day out of a fairtrade recipe book – YUM!

  4. Trevor Neal says:

    Ok – many food, sweet, cake and snack based suggestions there – may not get round to discussing any of them as we will be stuffing our faces with Milky Ways, Mint Wipsas,Celebrity Ham, Banana and Choc Chip cake -washed down with a cup of gluten. Can’t wait. Thanks!

  5. bingotom says:

    Hello there

    Just got round to listening to your first episode and enjoyed it very much, in all it’s rambling, epic glory.

    For some reason, the bit I found the funniest was the pool players with famous people’s names. Not sure how you could incorporate something similar into episode 2, though – people with famous people’s names I have known, perhaps? Or how about famous people with utterly nondescript names?

    I also like the idea of incorporating Andrea into the show – it reminded me of the bits in Jamie Oliver when his producer butts in to ask about his choice of herbs, or his choice of shirt.

    Keep up the good work and I wish you every success (although obviously not too much success, as I am part of Andrea’s rival podcast, BSB, which is of course much better. And incidentally, how the hell did you manage to get onto iTunes so quickly? It took us about a year and a half!).

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