Some (well two) pics from Trev and Simon Podcast no.2

Yesterday we did podcast number two, and I’m just listening to it to see if it is funny or rubbish. Hopefully it’s both. Until we get it up and out there, here’s a couple of pictures. Not yet of the cake… we’ll save that until you’ve had a chance to hear us talk about it.

As late afternoon descends on Andrea’s flat (Andrea our producer) it sends lovely shafts of sun through the room, and we realised we could recreate the opening titles from “Tales of the Unexpected”, except we didn’t set anyone on fire. So, here’s Andrea throwing some sexy shapes onto Trev.


And we also had a visitor. Andrea’s flat is at the top of a converted Victorian house. Within the other flats are two cats. they’re related and they used to live together. Then their owners had a baby, and one of the cats left, only to move next door. Both of them come up to Andrea’s, meow at her door, come in, mooch around a bit (in both senses of the word… mooch that is, not bit), and go. That’s cats.


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