That sexy leather coat in full

In Trev and Simon Podcast No.2, which you can find here, we talk about fashion mistakes. One of them being when the two of us had made-to-measure leather coats. But made to measure what? Here I am in mine, looking like a kindly nazi. Oh, and some other ones too. Reading from left to right; me, Dr.Who, a sexy lady. I wish I could say I had to trawl the web, but it’s amazing what you can pick up at Amazon these days.


Look! I’ve put Leather and Sexy as tags on this post in a desperate attempt to get more people to come and look. Will they be disappointed? I don’t know, but it has given me the urge to poll.

2 Responses to That sexy leather coat in full

  1. Sarah says:

    ok, i laughed out loud. and is that my kitchen?


    ps, what’s porn?

  2. Simon Hickson says:

    No, It’s Andrea’s.

    Here’s a definition I found from someone called David Wong; “Porn” for the purposes of this study was defined as “any picture or video you suddenly lose interest in after masturbating.”

    Well, you did ask!

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