Not just leather coats

Recent readers may worry that the two of us are a little leather obsessed. We don’t wear leather all the time. Sometimes we try and be much more exotic. Happy Christmas!


4 Responses to Not just leather coats

  1. Trevor Neal says:

    Hey Simon, looks like you’ve pulled!

  2. Simon Hickson says:

    What are the chances you got the hat, the key ring and the joke?

  3. bingoandrea says:

    were those fine outfits made by your tailor in Hong Kong?

  4. Simon Hickson says:

    They were made by the BBC! At our behest. We must have been in their good books that day- for a section of the show called “Let’s go nuts!” We’d have a secret word, and once our special guest said the secret word, the Funky Monkey would come on and we’d all go nuts.

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