Trev’s back catalogue

Our agent, Debi Allen, is on the move. Part of this means she’s been sifting through all the Trev and Simon junk she has acquired over the years and if it is in a redundant format, she sends it on to us to do whatever with. You may think that all Trev and Simon products are pretty much redundant anyway, but I’m speaking specifically of things like videos and records; things superceded by DVD’s and hell, not even compact discs (which we don’t do), but MP3’s.

I’ve just received a big parcel of videos of Hard Spell Abbey, a kids spelling game show in which I played Brother Brendan, the runner of the abbey where spelling was hard. Here I am in full-on monk action, dinging a bell.


Anyway, to the point. In amongst all the videos was some artwork from another of Trev’s solo projects. Why it was sent to me and not him, I don’t know. I guess just an administrative error. He’s never told me about this one and as far as I know the album was never commercially released. Trev is a big fan of Paul Weller and the Jam and has devoted a fair amount of his life to emulating his hero (for example, he only ever uses Wella hair products, and guess what he has on his toast? That’s right- marmalade, Bruce Foxton’s favourite preserve.) Maybe Jam Sandwich wasn’t released because he feared Paul Weller might find out. After all, what was he thinking? A Barm in Wardour Street? He’d be so lucky. Maybe a panini or a ciabatta, but last time I looked London’s street of media fools was hardly awash with Greggs .


One Response to Trev’s back catalogue

  1. Trevor Neal says:

    Followng that album I released a version of another classic Jam track – Fatman.

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