Trev and Simon Podcast No.3 is here


You can listen to/ download it here… trev-and-simon-episode-3

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That’s the serious stuff out of the way. So, yes, here’s No.3, recorded (for all you time fans) between approximately 2.30pm and 3.30pm on the 19th March 2009. In Andrea’s flat. Which is in Peckham or Dulwich, depending on whether you want to be poncey or not. Peckwich.

Andrea sent it to me to post up here, but without her usual list. She did one but it got lost in cyberspace. And so she asked me to do it because… well, I guess she just can’t even begin to bear to listen to the whole thing again. Podcasts should be like Mission:Impossible missives. They should detonate five seconds after being heard. And that should be that. Until the next one. So, I’m in charge of the list, and it turns out to be a long one. Here’s what you can listen to in Podcast No.3:

  1. Ideal Podcast length. 4 or 46 minutes.
  2. Andrea calls us boys… as does Barrymore.
  3. Geoff Boyes.
  4. The Hampshire Hoffman.
  5. Trev loves Mike and the Mechanics.
  6. Andrea loves Paul Carrack.
  7. Andrea is Nana in Nana Nia.
  8. The French Green Green Grass of Home.
  9. The Snake.
  10. Trev sings The Snake.
  11. The Snake deconstructed.
  12. Caffeine.
  13. Funny place names.
  14. Andrea loves Phil Collins.
  15. Whigfield- Pop Outsider.
  16. Rasputin record pluggers.
  17. Whigfield does duvets.
  18. Don’t do… versus Do do.
  19. Muck Off.
  20. Phillip Schofield Radio 1 Roadshow.
  21. Nicknames.
  22. Who do we look like?
  23. Looniversity Challenge- Good choice!
  24. Nicknames explained.
  25. Simon faces up to US military might in Area 51.
  26. Simon attempts an American accent.
  27. Arthur Clayton’s four piece cue.
  28. Neil Morrisey and Sean Penn.
  29. Who’s who and how double acts stand.
  30. Andrea’s special friend.
  31. Jimmy’s present.
  32. Girl Scouts in the US.
  33. Trev lists Celebrity meat products.
  34. An offer Simon can refuse.
  35. orgasmic births.
  36. Coconut monkey cake revenge.
  37. Monkey prison.
  38. General animal revenge.
  39. Demons of the Mind.
  40. Robert Hardy’s toe.
  41. Tweed update.
  42. What the old wear.
  43. What Sparks wear.
  44. Brown Willy.
  45. Snippet of The Snake.

Bet you wish Andrea had done the list now.

9 Responses to Trev and Simon Podcast No.3 is here

  1. […] 22, 2009 Our third podcast is up and running over on the Trev and Simon blog. You can find it here. After two weeks of no caffeine (a blood pressure thing) I decided to go caffeine crazy on podcast […]

  2. Andrea says:

    I am so sorry for the noise of my kettle, btw. I had no idea it sounded like a jet plane taking off until I was listening back to the podcast. In future, all kettle-boiling shall take place in my bedroom.

  3. Trevor Neal says:

    Kettle boiling in the bedroom? Is that a good idea? Sounds kinky -or dangerous – or both.

  4. […] have noticed that we can go on a bit about the Nazis- although they go unmentioned in our latest, Podcast No.3, found here. We don’t like them, and anyone who does is nuts. I guess we were born into a generation that […]

  5. Andrew says:

    Neil Morrisey and Sean Penn would have made “Men Behaving Like Assholes”. Also “Shanghai Surprise”, the surprise being that Neil Morrisey is a one trick pony, who now makes shockingly bad tv programmes. Hope Simon enjoys the Sparks gig. Does Russell Mael now have to have Mole Grips attached to his gentlemans, to reach the falsetto bits. I reckon if Simon had black, slicked back hair, glasses, a Hitler moustache and was as thin as when he was “Sticky”, he would look like the aforementioned Spark. Just listened to Podcast 3. Again I was walking my dog (in the rain) and laughing at the inane ramblings. Cheers … Andrew

  6. Jack says:

    Hello! Thanks for another great podcast – hope there’s plenty more to come! It’s 25 years since your first Edinburgh show (congrats!), so I wondered if this anniversary is what has fuelled the decision to do the podcast?

    Andrea, keep the kettle boiling in! I like it. Now I don’t need to send in an embarrassing question regarding Simon’s coffee-taking habits. So I’ll use this opportunity to ask a more sensible question: Trevor, how do you like yours?

  7. Trevor Neal says:

    I don’t drink much coffee. I’m a health freak. I drink herbal tea, Coke and Red Bull.

  8. Hannah says:

    I quite love the snake.

  9. Siobhan ... again says:

    Cheesebottom is near Penistone by the way… happy days

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