Podcast No.4 to be recorded tomorrow

We’re recording Podcast No.4 tomorrow. April the first. April Fools’ Day. And Trev’s birthday. And being a typical April Fool baby, Trev still insists on using the Julian Calendar rather than that lovely Gregorian one we are all used to. Doh!

It’s a bit last minute, but please feel free to leave any requests, questions, feedback, insults, etc.

Here’s a picture of Trev on his last birthday, about 40 years ago.


7 Responses to Podcast No.4 to be recorded tomorrow

  1. Simon says:

    Hello chaps,

    Wondering what happened with Transmission Impossible? Was that the last thing you did on TV back in ’97? It seemed to be on at strange times and I missed alot of them. Did you retire due to a lack of jokes or did you have a falling out or did some big wig at the BBC not like your stuff? What happened? As I mentioned to Simon, I had one recorded on tape but it got taped over or lost or something. Woe is me.



  2. Simon Hickson says:

    cripes! Well, I did ask for questions. Will try to deal with some, in a wildly humorous way, tomorrow.

  3. Simon says:

    Yeah, humour is what is needed. Espelically if there’s a chance it takes you and Trev back to dark, dark times at the end of your TV run. Have fun tomorrow and eat good cake.

  4. Jack says:

    Happy birthday, Trev! And Pip. And Cumbria (35 years old as a county, since changing from Cumberland, fact fans).

    Enjoyed reading on your blog about the spontanious four-day holiday you took, where you met the Chinese trumpet player. Any other spontanious trips anyone has taken?

  5. Maisie says:


    Did you know you only have a real BIRTHDAY every 7 years because the day you were born on moves each year to the following day of the week. You actually celebrate your BIRTH DATE annually not your BIRTH DAY! So in reality you’re only 39.

    Here are some completely random and useless questions for your podcast.

    1) Why is it if you take a baby to a swimming pool WITH YOU they can swim underwater for a short time, but if you are negligent and leave them in the bath ALONE they will drown?

    2) Since salt water can dehydrate you do you think fish ever feel thirsty?

    3) Do you think ocean mammals (e.g dolphins)ever sleep and if yes how do they do it.

    4) Why don’t penguin’s feet freeze?

    I think that’s enough daft questions from me for just now. Looking forward to the pocast as always, hope you have a great birthday cake I recommend chocolate!

    Love Maisie

  6. Simon says:

    If it truly is Trev’s birthday then happy birthday, sir. Also as an added thing for the podcasts:

    You could chat about MP’s expenses as it is the current hot topic. I’m sure you can have a lot of fun talking about the expenses and ‘rides’ you’ve had.

  7. Siobhan ... again says:

    hello Trev and Simon, apologies,

    very remiss of me, I haven’t said anything to you about Podcast 4…. so I guess I might not get a mention this time…

    the thing is I’ve been very busy doing all the make and do bits out of the Stupid Book… my good friend Laura (who definitely doesn’t want a mention … ) once made me a beard on a stick when we were at school (10 years ago) and we also had a campaign to bring back Trev and Simon – not that you had gone anywhere but you were not on tv anymore. would you perhaps like to talk (respectfully) about women’s football in podcast 5? The reason being, my gluten allergic friend plays on a team but is considering retirement because she has passed her peak…!! whatever you do, don’t say that… anyway, why is it that women’s football just isn’t the same as men’s? surely a penis can’t have that much influence?! I think we should be more like America (only in this one respect) where they teach kids football so the girls are good at it too… we never hear about the England Women’s Squad… it’s all a bit sexist… what are your views? do you like football? do you even care? Would you consider sponsoring Beighton Magpies with the proceeds from your Stupid Book when you reissue it and do a signing at Sheffield Waterstones?! Also, as an aside, the manager of Beighton Magpies Ladies likes to say after a match “It’s gone. Let’s go for a pint and a chip butty” which I think is an excellent mantra and should be adopted by Fabio Capello!!! by the way, we are thoroughly enjoying the podcasts – it’s like listening to 2 old friends rambling on for an hour every few weeks….delightful! x

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