Trev and Simon Podcast no.4 is here

April 6, 2009


You can listen to/ download it here

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So here’s No.4, recorded last Wednesday on Trev’s Birthday. April Fools’ Day. Andrea, our producer (up in Sheffield at the moment for tonight’s launch of her new album, Photograph), has compiled the list for No.4 and I’m excited by it. See, I’ve been away in Great Yarmouth playing pool at the EPA Interleague Finals- full details available soon on my blog– so I’m putting up the pod without having listened to it. And neither of us, at our age, can be expected to remember what we talked about, so for both me and Trev we are now like you- just a person listening to two old blokes talk a load of old rubbish.

Here’s the list. I hope you enjoy the listening part.

  1. April Fool’s jokes
  2. The Gregorian Calendar
  3. Andrea takes an important phone call
  4. An appearance by Simon’s cat Tess
  5. It’s Trevor’s birthday! But who does he share it with?
  6. Trev and Simon get proper work
  7. Sushi
  8. Dry Life and Blimey That’s Good!
  9. Other Trev and Simon characters
  10. Cobblers To The Stars
  11. You say chiropodist, I say chiropodist
  12. Shampoo and hairdryers
  13. Hairy Simon, beard glue and pubic wigs
  14. The Two Chemists sketch
  15. Andrea fails to return
  16. Anita Harris
  17. Trevor’s birthday card from Simon
  18. Andrea returns
  19. The Bloody Benders and other absurd old books
  20. Birthday cake!
  21. Manatees, walruses and Lord Horny Man
  22. The Quex Museum
  23. Andrea is banished
  24. The Manchester Museum/Museum of Manchester
  25. Trev And Simon on Twitter
  26. Andrea’s CD goes on sale in Japan
  27. Trevor’s birthday present from Simon
  28. Nazis in space! Again!
  29. Gay mods and Paul Weller
  30. Trevor’s birthday card and present from Andrea
  31. Ant and Dec
  32. Tiny pigs
  33. Trevor’s rude awakening
  34. Andrea does a Marilyn Monroe impression
  35. Simon’s mouse problems
  36. Listeners’ questions/feedback/insults
  37. Simon is bullied by a podcast fan
  38. Transmission Impossible and Trev And Simon’s ‘retirement’
  39. Circus Of Evil
  40. Cumbria/Cumberland
  41. Spontaneous trips
  42. Birthdays/birth dates
  43. Maisie’s daft questions
  44. Trev and Simon’s free rides
  45. Trevor and Keren from Bananarama
  46. Charlie Sheen
  47. Free boots and Cher
  48. How to end the podcast
  49. Trevor’s birthday books
  50. Could this be the last Trev And Simon podcast?
  51. What does Simon’s middle initial stand for?

Jeepers! That’s 51 things. Sorry it’s so long. Over an hour this time. Andrea has told us off and said from now on it must be an hour maximum. But, as you will become aware, Andrea kept nipping out making phone calls, leaving us to our own devices. So, it’s her fault. She’s to blame. And since blame is only for God and small children, I’ll let you decide which one I am.

Oh, here’s my birthday card to Trev and Andrea’s cake for him.

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suitable for framing

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suitable for eating