New podcast tomorrow

May 26, 2009


At last, we are recording a 5th podcast tomorrow. What with us Andrea being so busy, it’s been hard to get this together. And we’ll be doing it from a new location; Producer Andrea’s new flat.

What will we talk about? We don’t know. But so much little has gone on since the last podcast I doubt we’ll I’ll sut up.

If you have any burning issues, see a doctor. Or ask us. Sorry it’s all a bit last minute.  All comments, questions etc. are most welcome and will be treated in complete unconfidentiality. Inconfidentiality? Oncofidentiality.

Fifth podcast will arrive… someday

May 11, 2009
Old things0086 (2)

how we'd look if we had proper jobs

Hello folks. We haven’t forgotten you and we hope you haven’t forgotten us. Yes, it’s been just over a month since our last podcast and we’re well aware we are due another one. We’re getting podcast withdrawal symptoms. I was found wandering the streets the other day, muttering to myself about monkey coconut abuse. Trev’s suffering from tweed withdrawal so badly he’s taken to wearing tweed pyjamas.

We will do another. Honest. Promise. It’s just that Andrea, our lovely producer and instigator and mentor blah blah blah has only gone and got herself a proper job, and launched an album called Photograph, and just in general got on with her life rather than wasting it with a couple of daft-talking chancers.

We plan to kidnap her. We will kidnap her, keep her locked up for months on end until she develops Stockholm Syndrome. The we will all move to Stockholm and do a podcast from there. At least that’s the plan (that I’ve just made up in the last few seconds of typing).

Failing that we’ll wait until we’ve all got a free evening.