New podcast tomorrow


At last, we are recording a 5th podcast tomorrow. What with us Andrea being so busy, it’s been hard to get this together. And we’ll be doing it from a new location; Producer Andrea’s new flat.

What will we talk about? We don’t know. But so much little has gone on since the last podcast I doubt we’ll I’ll sut up.

If you have any burning issues, see a doctor. Or ask us. Sorry it’s all a bit last minute.  All comments, questions etc. are most welcome and will be treated in complete unconfidentiality. Inconfidentiality? Oncofidentiality.

10 Responses to New podcast tomorrow

  1. Mick H says:

    I edited some of your stuff a long, long time ago. And I still haven’t forgiven you. If you could go back to your favourite bit of Live & Kicking what would it be?

  2. Simon Hickson says:

    No! Mick! You worry me. Why haven’t you forgiven us? Were we devils to work with? Are you sure it’s not Chris Bellinger or David Mercer or Sue Morgan you don’t forgive? Is it definitely us? Not those leprauchans? Tell me what we did, I want to talk about that. What did you edit? Obviously pre-records. can you remember any?

  3. Mick H says:

    Burgh Island and the men from the Footur. My favourite bit of yours was the Sweat-stained sleeping bag and seeing Andi Peters looking so uncomfortable. And, yeah, I haven’t forgiven anybody.

  4. Simon Hickson says:

    Ah! excellent. I’m excited already about speaking about the bizarre trip to Burgh Island. And as long as you haven’t forgiven anybody then I don’t mind not being forgiven by you. There’s one or two people I still don’t quite forgive… but I’ll name names tomorrow. Goodybye.

  5. jamie says:

    Just to add could you please give me the answers to my questions on your 5th podcast tomoz i wrote on your museum page under jamie cheers.

  6. Mick H says:

    Actually, I have forgiven Mercer.

  7. Simon Hickson says:

    Me too… just in case he has any jobs going.

    And Jamie, I will check out questions. No guarantee of answers but will see what we can do.

  8. Mick H says:

    I’ll tell him you’re available. He might be doing Snow Queen 2 – Resurrection.

  9. Mick H says:

    And I think I’d like to know the brutal truth about Transmission Impossible. Little Andy who did ‘it’s good to talk’ is a regular at my local. Deaf as a post now.

  10. Jason says:

    Apologies, as I have obviously missed the deadline for podcast 5 questions. My question would have been: if you could travel in time, which time would you choose, and thank you in advance for answering the question I have just left you in the footur, for podcast 6

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