At last, Podcast No.9 to be recorded

DSCN0553We’re recording a podcast tomorrow. Maybe two. We’ll see if we can talk enough rubbish to make it into a two parter. I suspect we’ll be able to do that.

But you lot always help and you always play your part. Please feel free to leave your comments, questions etc. The etc. being the most exciting parts.

Ask anything. the worst that can happen is we just ignore you. And the more we ignore you, the closer etc. Poor old Morrissey. First he’s ill, then he gets bottle chucked at him. Do you know what I’m on about? I’m not sure I do. I type this furiously whilst I should be doing some work. Of sorts. I’ve never done work work.

I must stop. Please leave us your questions and we will do our best to please. And insult.

Bye. I have been Simon not Trev. If this post seems flimsy, cobbled together, random, well it is. And I, Simon M Hickson, take full responsibility.

9 Responses to At last, Podcast No.9 to be recorded

  1. The_Beacon says:

    Is it safe to assume that Heisenberg’s work suggests not that the universe is indeterministic, merely that it is, and will forever be, incalculably deterministic? Is making such a distinction worthwhile, either scientifically or philosophically? Also, who do you reckon for the X Factor?

  2. Leigh Parker says:

    I am 37 and since I left school I have managed find jobs where I get away with very little work and get paid well for it. Is this something to be proud of? Is work necessary for a fulfilled life? I think Simon should marry me.

  3. Jefy says:

    Hello S&T

    Have you ever stood back and admired someone’s skill or artistry even if it’s an activity that wouldn’t otherwise interest you? For me recently it was watching a video of someone playing “the flight of the bumble-bee” on the double-bass!

    Miscellaneous suggestions: Parallel parking? Graffiti artists? Swiss Yodelling? BBC Radio 1 presenting?

  4. Mitch UK says:

    Did the decline in Wimpy with it’s proper plates and knifes and forks, lead to the decline in the nation’s youth, and lead to us eating more and more food with our hands such as kebabs?

  5. Craig says:

    How cool was it to be in the Guardian top ten podcasts?

    It made me find you and I have listened to all the available ones to date. I have even ordered your ’Stupid Book’ off of Amazon Marketplace, it sounded so funny.

    Can I download the first three podcasts anywhere?

    I am very happy to have found you again. Please keep up the very good work.


  6. Kippers says:

    You can download the first three podcasts by clicking on this blog’s archives, Craig. That’s what I did, anyway, when discovering this place last night.

    Really enjoyed your first podcast by the way, T&S (and Andrea). Which isn’t to say that I hated the other seven or anything – I’m just a long way behind everyone else in listening terms, is all! Should have caught up by Christmas though with a bit of luck.

    By the way, the podcast is also in Dave’s (the TV channel, rather than some random bloke with that name) top ten podcast list at the moment. Long may it continue!

  7. Zoe Parker says:

    Thank you kindly for addressing my questions. I am indeed of the female variety, always have been and intend to stay so.
    My reasons for thinking that Simon should marry me were initially two fold. Firstly he has a lovely infectious laugh and I very much like laughing, secondly he talks about the east dulwich area alot and I was born and lived there till I was 10 years old when my Dad got a better job and moved us to the leafy suburb of Shooters Hill. I thought two things in common were more than enough but I have since listened to more podcasts and read some blogs and have compiled a more extensive list of commonalities (sp), here are the next 3:
    -I currently work (in the loosest sense of the word) for Cadbury and he seems to like sweets
    – I was taken to Hornimans Museum often by my Nan who lives in Forest Hill when I was a child
    – Blackbird On A Wire is my favourite track on Blue Is The Colour
    Annnyway, it was just a thought, I have many of them as I have alot of time to think whilst not working. Love the podcasts, keep them coming X

  8. Simon Hickson says:

    Hi Craig and Kippers,

    Thanks Kippers for answering Craig’s question. And thank you for your kind comments and continued listening. I think the Top Ten you must have meant Craig is the Dave one. I’ve tried tracking down a Guardian one but had no luck. Yes, it would be cool, but we are happy for any mentions so thanks to Dave!

    And hi future wife Zoe,

    How exciting. But that infectious laugh… there’s an old joke in there somewhere.

    We have so much in common it’s scary. Oh, but I don’t like chocolate. The sweet thing is trying to find legal high’s for podcast purposes. I may just revert to alocohol next time.

    Balckbird on the Wire is a beautiful song. I love the video too. It’s a slow burner, a grower, a song I think I am only now starting to appreciate. I was going to sing it at my friend’s karaoke party but in the end didn’t. I’t would have dragged everyone down.

    Anyways, let’s get the wedding going and move to Bournville. Unless, of course, you’re mad. Or maybe because. x

  9. rumpio says:

    haha, always funny to see you two in comedy wigs 🙂

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