Trev and Simon Podcast No.11

Hello folks. We all three (me, Trev and Andrea) hope you all had lovely Christmases and are about to have lovely New Years. Happy New Year, and a big thank you to all who listen and leave comments either here or on Twitter or Facebook or Talkbolox. We truly appreciate it and we have great fun doing the bloody things.

Here’s number 11. It’s not too long you’ll be glad to know. It may be a bit rough and ready (how would we know?). We raced to a pub in Hammersmith (the Queen’s Head, pub boffins), sat at the back, drank, ate, talked. That’s how it goes. Andrea, our producer, apologises; the sound isn’t up to scratch, some microphone malfunction, but let’s not worry about that. Let’s just laugh in the face of the New Year and raise our glasses to one another.

You can listen to it/ download it here

Just click on the link above to listen to it. Or to download the podcast: On a PC, right-click on the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location on your computer. On a Mac, hold down Ctrl and click the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location

And here’s what’s on it:

  1. Welcome to the end-of-year special!
  2. Simon’s New Year Resolutions
  3. Seafarer’s Ale
  4. Trev’s new hat
  5. Trev and Simon’s New Year Resolutions
  6. Trev and Simon open their Christmas presents (and card)
  7. Our albums of the year
  8. Trev’s political highlight of the year
  9. More questions from listeners
  10. Hugh Something
  11. How kids were treated on Saturday morning TV
  12. A quick break for lunch
  13. Simon’s loaded. Again
  14. The Year Of The Podcast! And next year’s plans
  15. Annoying each other
  16. Simon’s new books
  17. Past resolutions for the future
  18. 2010 film writing/starring
  19. (A group of people arrive and are a bit noisy)
  20. What comes after the Noughties?
  21. Simon’s date in a crate at the Tate
  22. Simon sings
  23. Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart
  24. Simon’s off to America
  25. Trev’s off to Twitter
  26. Final sound effects

And here, to end on, is a picture of Trev’s box.

Trev's noisy box

11 Responses to Trev and Simon Podcast No.11

  1. Andrea says:

    The boys are too kind. I messed up the sound and ended up being closest to the mic, which is why I sound so bloody loud on this episode. As if I wasn’t loud enough already. Sorreeee!! And Happy New Year all. Thanks so much for listening. Andrea xxx

  2. dominic_mcg says:

    Another great podcast. Well done all 3 of you.

    (Andrea, why not try the levelator next time you do a podcast? )

    Keep up the good work and Happy New Year

  3. Andrea says:

    Thanks Dominic! The main problem on this one was the internal mic working, not the normal external one. Hence it went kind of nuts, levels-wise :-(. Normally it wouldn’t do that. But I’ll check out that software! A

  4. Samantha says:

    Fantastic casting in a pod! Very enjoyable! xx

  5. Edward says:

    Simon, I watched ‘Coco avec Chanel’ last night, and was shocked by the actor Benoit Poelvoorde’s likeness to yourself.

    I’ve never seen you in a heather tweed suit, riding boots or twiddling a little moustache, but that could be a strong look for you.

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Ha! I’ve just looked him up to see if he was the actor I was thinknig of. Years ago he was in a film called Man Bites Dog, and back then I thought he had stolen my visage (posh word for face, not the new romantic band). he does look like me. I wish I was him.

  6. Phil says:

    Hi Trevor and Simon (and Andrea too of course)
    Loving the podcasts – hope the next one’s on its way soon. My 5 year old son got one of those sound machines for Christmas (but I think I got more enjoyment from it!)
    I had a couple of questions for you – they hark back to the Going Live/Live and Kicking Days, so aplogies for that if you’re fed up with people being stuck in the past… I guess 20 years from now you might get people asking you questions about your podcasts though??
    Anyway, I remember you both doing a parody of Erasure’s Stop video on one of the shows.. it was really funny – but did you ever get any feedback from Erasure as to what they thought of it?
    Secondly – and this might be the bit you go wtf? about – You once did a sketch on a Halloween edition of the show where you were using alternatives to pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns.. I think you made one out of a potato, but then (and this is the bit that really made me laugh so much) you made one out of a pea and called it “spooky pea head” Much as I loved “don’t do duvets” and “swing your pants” it was spooky pea head that was my favourite thing you ever did. Do you actually remember this, or am I just delusional!! Did you have to go to the BBC canteen and order one pea for the sketch – or is the prop department replete with vegetables just in case? Sorry for the randomness of my question, but strangely enough you can’t find out this sort of stuff on Wiki”pea”dia ha ha.

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Hi Phil,

      We’ve got a bit behind with the podcasts. Finding it difficult to meet up. We must do one soon.

      In the meantime; yes, Erasure liked us dressing up as them. They came on the show shortly afterwards and they wore shiny silver suits. We dressed like them and we all stood together to see if anyone could spot the difference. When we did a Pet Shop Boys spoof Neil and Chris acually sent over their costumes for us to borrow; the ones with the point hat and the round hat.

      The pea sketch was, i think, on one of our first shows. I’m not sure where we got the pea from. Knowing the BBC we most likely provided our own.

      Thanks for all your kind comments.



  7. […] the Trev and Simon site Edward left a comment pointing out my similarity to the actor Benoit Poelvoorde in Coco Before […]

  8. Andrea says:

    omg I want to see ‘spooky pea head’!! it sounds genius. and thanks for the nice comments, Phil, glad you enjoy the podcast. sorry for the protracted delay between the last one and the next one… x

  9. Lambchop says:

    Please do some more podcasts! Yours are the funniest and most intelligent ones on the web.

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