BBC Radio 7 Comedy Club

Yesterday we did a bit of work for BBC Radio 7. We’re presenting the Radio 7 Comedy Club on the 27th and the 29th August at 10pm. Here we are, in the studio, looking funny.

say cheese

5 Responses to BBC Radio 7 Comedy Club

  1. Zosimos says:

    Woo! Radio 7 needs more Trev and Simon.

    Or you should do the Adam and Joe spot on Six Music – why aren’t you on the BBC more?

  2. Wilf Wharton says:

    Hi guys, how great to hear you on Radio 7. You were a breath of silly anarchy in my childhood and your “Circus of Evil” tour, I think it was called, was perhaps the funniest night of my life. The hysteria about the tour – your supposed satanist activities – just served to make it even better. In the show, you couldn’t find a goat to sacrifice, so you used a kebab. You couldn’t find blood, so you used Ribena Toothkind and perhaps the best – you couldn’t find a Necronomicon – so you got the whole audience to chant items from the lingerie section of the Kays Catalogue. I must have drawn atention to myself as, in the Swindon show, you got me up on stage and got me to lie down on stage and a toy Evil Knievel stunt bike jumped over over me. How I wish your work was available on DVD. All these years later, my mum still gets it wrong – rather than “Swing your pants” she will still (after a small Guinness)invite us to “wag your trousers” You are two of the funniest guys ever. Thanks for the laughs. Long may you reign.

  3. Greig Cahill says:

    Thanks for ever-lasting fun.

  4. Trevor Neal says:

    Don’t ask me

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