Twit Relief

August 1, 2011

So, me and Trev were kindly invited to take part in Twit Relief as part of Comic Relief. Twit Relief, where folk could bid for us (and proper bigwigs like Richard Curtis or Lily Allen or, perhaps, Ghandi) to follow them on Twitter. Lots of the famous people also offered extra prizes, like tickets to their shows, or gold discs, or their shoes. We barely have any shoes and we haven’t done a show since 1964. But we wanted to make the effort and so we offered a chance to play pool with us at Spots and Stripes, underneath the arches, next to a boxing club in Waterloo.

Someone bid £371 for us. The fool! But well done, David. And thanks for helping Comic Relief. David brought along his friend Karen, who didn’t know she was going to meet us, and is (pity her please) a fan of us from yonks ago. It was meant to be a dream come true. It should have been like Jim’ll Fix It.

We did our best. Here’s what happened.

And big thanks to Nigel at Spots and Stripes for his marvellous hospitality.