Strangeness in Space


Hello! it’s been a while since we last posted anything here!

Too much has happened, to tell you everything that we’ve been up to since then but we can tell you about our latest project … Strangeness in Space


Strangeness in Space is a FREE audio sci-fi comedy drama for all ages starring us and Sophie Aldred and produced by Clare Eden. Sophie and Clare have been friends of ours, since we were all students together in Manchester, in the early 1980s but this is the first time we’ve all worked together.


Anyway, the result is hilarious and we’ve been having a right old laugh, writing and recording it, as and when we raise enough cash, through our crowd funding campaigns. We have been lucky enough to persuade some other funny and talented people to join us along the way, including Doon Mackichan (another Manchester student friend!), Rufus Hound (he’s been to Manchester), Barnaby Edwards (he’s heard of Manchester), Peter Guinness (we think he might have a friend who lives in Manchester), Carol Cleveland (she knows someone who visited Manchester once), David Annen (he’s married to another friend of ours, who was a student at Manchester) and Sarah Madigan (who’s bound to like Oasis or the Happy Mondays or something).

450-posts-doon450-posts-rufus2Carol-saucepan 450-posts-barnaby

We even have a shop where you can buy cool stuff to help us raise funds, to produce more exciting episodes.


And remember – you don’t have to pay anything because it’s FREE to listen on our website or you can download it from iTunes, also for nothing – that’s right – it’s FREE on iTunes too!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t hang about reading this for a single moment longer! It’s time to immerse yourself in our amazing audio antics and discover Featherheads, Rhinocerbikers, LEMON the computer robot, Thorliegh’s Pig Worm Powders, Pink Custard and so much more…

Follow the links and head to Strangeness in Space now!



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