Hello. We’re Trevor Neal (the paisley scarfed one) and Simon Hickson (the paisley haired one) also known as Trev and Simon – the  comic duo who used to be on BBC 1’s Going Live! and Live and Kicking many years ago. If you’ve forgotten all about us or just haven’t heard of us before then why not check out some of our You Tube clips. While you’re there you might also want to watch a funny animal clip or maybe an old pop video but that’s up to you. The picture above  is one of our more recent ones taken by Bill Wadman (thanks Bill). 

We first met in 1981 at Manchester University. This is what we looked like back then. 

As you can see we haven’t changed a bit. I can’t remember who took this photo. Can you? Anyway while we were still in Manchester we formed a comedy double-act called the Devilfishhorn Club and later we appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1984 in our first big show. Then we moved to London and did the comedy circuit for a couple of years until we got the job on Going Live!  In the following ten years we wrote and performed loads of sketches for TV featuring ourselves and a whole bunch of pop stars and other celebrities , did three nationwide theatre tours, released three videos and wrote a book. In the next ten years we did all kinds of other stuff – TV shows, script writing, voiceovers as well as a return to the Edinburgh Fringe on two occasions (to do a show that is, not just to get drunk and play pool with other comedians) and a couple of tours of universities and other student venues around the country.

Recently we have been concentrating mainly on the script writing (we have to concentrate very hard) and have written for all kinds of shows including My Parents Are Aliens and My Spy Family.

In our spare time we do other things. Trev plays in two bands  – SUCKER, based in South East London…

and Thanet City Rockers, who are based in Broadstairs…

…where he lives with his wife and four children.

Simon plays for a local pool team, sings in a choir and writes his blog simonhickson.wordpress.com 

49 Responses to About

  1. Billy Williams says:

    if ya ever up north let us know would love a game off pool i have not played in years….

  2. Hey, Simon, get your hair cut. Down to the bone. It’ll suit you.

  3. Weeping Willy says:

    It’s better than getting your bone cut down to the hair, that much I can tell ya mate!

  4. clownx says:

    wish u were still on tv

  5. John Piper says:

    Hi Guys
    We shared a table Monday lunch time on the set of Elevator Gods, I played one of the security guards at the fight scene. Nice to meet you. Watched Ninjas day off today excellent…. can`t you do more like that


  6. James says:

    Dear Trev and Simon,

    I’m trying to contact you about a business matter. Do you have an agent, or deal direct?

    many thanks


  7. Simon Hickson says:

    Hi James,

    our agent is Debi Allen and you can find her here-
    Under “Contact Us” you will find their numbers. Give Charlene a ring and let her know I put you in touch through the blog.



  8. alison lynch says:

    Please can you tell me that I did not imagine you doing a martial arts sketch set in a park – Kung Foo/Monkey type sketch? It was the funniest sketch ever and it doesn’t appear to be on Youtube.

  9. Simon Hickson says:

    Hi Alison,

    Yes, we did do that. A ten minute pre-record called Ninja Day Off. It has been on YouTube but when I just looked I could only find it with no sound! Other people do all that, so I’d just keep checking, it might crop up again.

    It’s also on one of our videos, either The Stupid Video or The Other Video, can’t remember which, and their videos so no one has anything to play them on! We keep pestering people to do a DVD but so far we have got nowhere.

    Sorry to not be of more help.

    Best wishes, Simon

  10. Any chance your ‘Stupid Video’ will be released on DVD (would it be called ‘Stupid DVD’?)

    My friend and I have fond memories of watching this instead of revising for our GCSE exams. When we passed, we gave ourselves a pat on the back…


  11. Matt Jolley says:

    Hi Trev and Simon

    Loved the sketches on L&K in the 80s and 90s, especially “Blimey – That’s Good”, I video’d the one you did with Drylife, I wish I could see it again as the video is long gone. Oh, and the “Henry Fonda Hip, Thigh & Buttock Diet”, absolute brilliance.

    Cheers the noo, Matt.

  12. simon says:

    Didnt you do a sketch when you played goths aswell ?
    That was really funny!!

    • Simon Hickson says:

      I have a vague memory of a goths sketch, but very vague. I think it might have been some kind of Rock School thing. I hope it was us, since it was really funny. Cheers Simon , Simon

  13. John says:

    Hi guys
    DOnt know how but discovered your podcast and glad to see you are still as mental as anything. Liked you lot so much we bought tickets to see you in The New Brighton Pavilion. You did a bit of audience participation where you came across Dr Lowe and did a great bit of improv with her for 5 minutes. I thought it was a plant until my mate told me that he worked with her and she definitely wasnt! Very good.
    Keep up the podcasts

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Cheers John,

      Dr Lowe was not a plant. But I’m glad to hear we managed to get five minutes of nonsense out of her. Hope to do a podcast again soon. Simon

  14. Sarah says:

    I have so many happy memories of you both on Going Live, its why I started watching it, i’ve been looking for your two videos on DVD and was really sorry there is none. Me and my two older sisters and old friends from school still come out with quotes from past shows.

    It was all so good and I’m sorry we don’t see you on TV anymore 😦

  15. Sarah says:

    p.s So annoying Ninja Day off has no sound on you tube! I still have your videos, will put them on DVD myself!

  16. noeleen says:

    hi trev….just thought i would let u know i seen you yesterday at bracknell look out point….i think u realised i was staring at you but thats only because i didnt remember where i knew you from….i was actually going to ask my son togo and ask you lol…anyway after figuring out it was live n kicking i felt much better ha ha….was that your dad with u as he was laughing at me having a debate with my husband bout your name lol…take care….oh and swing your pants!!!!!!

    Noeleeen x

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Hi Noeleen,

      I’m answering on behalf of Trev. I’m guessing it might have been Trev’s father in law, but I’ll ask him.

      Cheers, Simon

  17. Sally says:

    Trev and Simon gave me many happy memories. I was 20 when I had a copy of ‘Stupid Video’ A whole bunch of us used to watch it after a night out regularly. And swing your pants dance became a regular slot for me and my friends on a Saturday night out. Happy days indeed. Saturday morning TV has never been the same since. BRILLIANT!!!!

  18. My daughter Wendy was a huge fan of Going Live with you and Philip Schofield. She just told me you live in my home town, Broadstairs. Hope to get to see you and your band. Maybe get an autograph for Wendy.

  19. katypoo says:

    oooh you guys represent my childhood! Went to see the “pot fish” tour back in the day. GENIUS!!!

  20. Johnny Boy says:

    Hey guys
    Fond memories of your nutterness on Saturday mornings! To this day it is impossible to change the bedding without uttering your immortal words. The other saying that just wont leave my head is ‘Nip, Nip, Nooie!’ Can you remember what that was all about?

  21. sunny says:

    I was a big fan of pickling time, and now i’m a proper grown up(!) I make my own pickles – which always makes me think of you…

    (I do mostly pickle food items)

  22. Peter Clements says:

    Trevor and Simon, you are legendary!
    I still swing my pants when I dance in clubs – I can’t say it goes down too well though.

  23. Andrew Fleming says:

    years ago i had an audio tape of ‘Trevor & Simon’s World on Tour’but can’t find it. my son (he’s 11& an excellent Tim Vine impression) & I do comedy acts around town & have a sketch of ‘Short hair, sharp suit, shiny shoes, shades’ in Musketeer costume. would love to get hold of a copy of the tape to pinch the other bits – any ideas !

  24. Andrew Fleming says:

    re ‘ trevor & Simon’s World on tour’ audio tape – i’ve just found 2 copies on amazon so hope to buy one
    andrew fleming

  25. big ron says:

    where can we find Trevor and Simon merchandise? Also, come back and do Camp Bestival. You would be perfect for it.

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Hi Ron,

      Sadly no merchandise available. We try every now and then to get a Best of DVD and suchlike but it is difficult to find anyone who’ll do it. Thinks crop up on ebay sometimes!



  26. Jackie Blades says:

    Hi Simon, it was interesting to see how you are getting on now. I must be showing my/our age as we went to Pendleton College together. I’ve still got the college photo! I remember you and your mates going through a phase about Dickie Davis and saluting your head where his white streak was! Was that the start of your infamous catchphrases?! The college now has beacon award status for its outstanding Performing Arts department. Unfortunately they haven’t got any pictures on the wall of you as a famous Pendletonite. My brother Frank is in a Wurzles tribute band called the MangledWurzles, and plays in and around Somerset. OOArr Isn’t it amazing what an education can do for you! Keep smiling Jackie x

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Ha! I’ve vague memories of that. I think Rob Minshull was behind it. It all would definitely have led to me wanting to pursue comedy later down the line. All the best, Simon x

  27. Ian Taylor says:

    Any news on the “Elevator Gods” film?

  28. Ali says:

    Hi guys, I was just chatting with some friends about how great you are, and catching up on some youtube clips. I think my kids are going to love you as much as I did! I also had your live show on cassette, which I played in my car until it wore out. Happy days x

  29. Andrew says:

    I saw Simon coming out of a Co-Op last week in South East London. He had what looked like a coconut cake in his shopping bag (it could have been a Victoria sponge but the topping looked distinctly like coconut and not icing sugar). What does this mean? Is he self harming? That reminds me. The same Co-Op is now selling free range chicken at 25% off!

    Simon mentioned living in St Reatham. I used to live on Telford Avenue in St Reatham when I first moved to London (Did you know that Cilla Black’s dad used to live there?) I also lived in Forest Hill and regularly visited the Horny-man museum. I would be interested to know which other London towns have you both lived in and how you would mark them out of 10.

    Your Podcasts are brilliant.

  30. Simon Connor says:

    Hello Trev and Simon – you made many people laugh so much with the `swing your pants` video – up there with the best of them like Monty Python and The Young Ones et al – as a student in Liverpool me and my best mate would sit on the floor of night clubs and tell people to `swing your pants for Jesus` – a lot of people would swear at us but we still arrived home safe and sound for a horlicks at 4 a.m. unscathed.

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Good work. When swinging pants it’s always useful to ask yourself “What would Jesus do/not do?” (delete where appropriate). Simon

  31. joe minihane says:

    Hi both , you really are childhood heros to me ( what am i saying? – your still heros to me !! )bring back Going Live and bring back Trevor and Simon. Now lets get a petition for those dvds, its obvious from everyones comments that it would sell – and sell well, i mean they realese crap like Emmerdale from the 80s, are you telling me more people would buy that !…….i dont think so

  32. wendy says:

    I not only had your videos, audio cassette and 7″ single (Jennifer Juniper with Geraldine Tangerine on the B Side I seem to recall) but I also saw your live tour on my 21st birthday. Legends! We want a DVD 🙂

  33. Alia says:

    Just saw you on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (warming us up before the show), what a surprise! I was the one staring starstruck at you as we queued to leave, with the curly hair and silly grin. Great to see you guys, brought back many happy memories. Will now go and see if I can find my Stupid Book! x

  34. Amy says:

    This weekend my husband and I have done nothing but shout “WE DON’T DO DUVETS” at each other. Why are there no videos of this on the Internet!?

    • Simon Hickson says:

      I don’t know Amy. Other people tend to put up all the YouTube stuff. Keep looking and one day someone might add a Don and Dougie Draper one. Cheers, Simon

  35. Laura says:

    Just passed you at the station and had happy memories of Saturday morning TV with small children,made bearable by Trevor & Simon ‘Swing your Pants’ thankyou!

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Hi Laura. I hope it wasn’t you I nearly sent flying as I didn’t look where I was going. If so, sorry.

  36. David Butcher says:

    Hi Simon, just been for lunch with Ian Southworth. He talked plenty about you from Kersal days. He said he saw you on Pointless recently but mentioned you weren’t much cop. He also mentioned you and he are both City fans which I found rather disappointing. I had hoped I introduced you to a superior brand of football during our time together.

    • Simon Hickson says:

      If you remember how good I was at football you might be relieved to have me supporting a rival team! We have done Pointless twice now; the second one hasn’t been shown yet. I’m not allowed to say anything (but we do do better than first time around). I remember going to Ian’s house with Phil Jones to listen to a new ABBA album he had bought. Hope all is well with you.

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