February 21, 2016

“Ask me I won’t say no, how could I?”

I’m having a deja vu moment. I’m pretty sure I used this Smiths line for a blog post before. Most probably about the same thing, oh, and on my other site, Mummified Fox (Simon here by the way). Either road, I’m not going to check, because it’s just right. Ask. Always ask. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

We asked Rufus Hound if he would be in Episode 2 of STRANGENESS in SPACE. He said yes. As did Peter Guinness. Oh, and Carol Cleveland. You can hear them in Episode Two, Featherheads, here. And at the risk of just too much repetition have I told you, it’s free, so what have you got to lose? (Ok, about 24 minutes of your time, but if you feel it wasn’t worth it I will refund you the cost).

Last weekend we launched Episode 3, Step Back in Time. We asked Alexei Sayle if he’d be in it. You can hear the Episode here.

We are now funding Episode 4. It is called Pet Shock Boys. Our main guest will play a character called The PuppyMaster. Any more news would spoil it. But who could we ask to play The PuppyMaster?

I’d had someone in mind from the beginning, and when Sophie said she’d once worked with him on a Big Finish Dr Who audio drama, we just had to ask.

We didn’t hold out much hope. It can take a while to get an answer from an agent; and we do need a bit of luck on our side… all our eps are crowdfunded, all of our guests are paid the same. It helps a hell of a lot if they want to do it. If, indeed, they would enjoy doing it.

Things were silent for a while. And then Clare (our producer) received a succinct email that said “he’s in”.

So. Episode Four, Pet Shock Boys, will guest star Paterson Joseph as The PuppyMaster.

If you’re thinking ‘I don’t think I know him’, well, I bet you do. He’s a great actor. Here is is in one of his more well-known comedy roles:

I was thrilled when Paterson said yes. The last thing I watched him in was The Leftovers, where he played ‘Holy’ Wayne. If you haven’t seen it, do track it down. It’s amazing and moving and manages to be that rare thing; groundbreaking TV.

Paterson in Episode 4 is incredibly exciting, and I’m still getting over the shock of the yes! Ask!

Now I’m going to ask you folks to help us get it made. If you’re as excited as me at having Paterson Joseph take part, please help us fund this episode. We aren’t crowdfunding through Kickstarter (as we did to get STRANGENESS in SPACE off the ground in the first place). We’re crowdfunding it through our own website. Please take a look at our ‘shop‘ and see if anything takes your fancy. We have some new items now too! Episode 1 will be available on CD, remastered by our sound maestro Dave Palser, and also with lots of extras including remixes of the songs, interviews, bloopers etc. (I put etc. because they are all to be confirmed; but I promise you, you won’t be disappointed). We also have a new T-shirt bearing the logo of our (fake) sponsors Thorleigh’s. Dave designed this, and it’s lovely. Thank you Dave.


And how did we get Dave to do these great sound designs, to make our logos, to help us way beyond we could have expected?


Happy Spacemas!

December 6, 2015

Hello folks. Simon here. Out of Trev and Simon. Long time no blog post. Or something. If you follow us here and only here, and you’re wondering what’s up, what gives, what’s new… I should give a quick mention to STRANGENESS in SPACE, our new, crowd-funded, sci-fi comedy audio drama; written by us, performed by us along with Sophie Aldred, and starring a whole load of comedy royalty from Doon Mackichan to Rufus Hound. You can find out more by clicking on this link.

But today I’m going to spend most of my time banging on about our new, and first ever, Christmas record. Yes! We’ve recorded a Christmas record called Christmas in SpACE. I say we… it’s actually by Pink Custard (featuring Sophie Aldred). Thing is, keep it quiet, we’re Pink Custard!

It is, perhaps unsurprisingly, linked with STRANGENESS in SPACE: It helps promote the FREE show, and will also hopefully help raise funds needed to make Episodes 3 and 4. But we hope it is a good standalone pop song too. Listen carefully and you may well hear The World of the Strange in there, Moon Monkey, and even The Singing Corner Swinging their Pants!

Here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it.

And, if you did enjoy it, please consider buying it. It’s only 79p and all money we make will go directly into funding more free episodes of STRANGENESS in SPACE. You can get it at iTunes here or you can get it at Amazon here. (If you go for iTunes we may even get in their charts!) And also, if you fancy, please leave a review.

Finally, huge thanks to those who have worked so hard on getting this made, especially Jim, Clare, Frazer, and Dave. Dave took Trev’s song and turned it into a Spectoresque winter wonder. Dave also created this epic video, using footage filmed by Frazer on the day of recording. A huge thank you x

The Trev and Simon Summer Special

May 3, 2010

With great thanks to Joff Thompson for putting this up on YouTube.

Trev and Simon Podcast No.10

December 3, 2009

Here’s Pocast No.10, or, if you prefer, Podcast No.9 part two. We recorded Podcast No.9 a few weeks back sitting on a balcony at the Royal Festival Hall. When we’d done, we moved inside, had a sandwich, and then did another. We don’t get to meet up too much so’s we thought it a good idea (that’s one of the best sentences I’ve ever written).

You can listen to/download it here- Trev and Simon Podcast No.10

Just click on the link above to listen to it. Or to download the podcast: On a PC, right-click on the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location on your computer. On a Mac, hold down Ctrl and click the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location

And here’s what’s on it:

  1. Dance hall toasters.
  2. Duralit V Duraglit.
  3. Trev gets saucy.
  4. Simon gets married.
  5. Sexy rabbits.
  6. Squirrels (maybe sexy).
  7. Elevator Gods.
  8. Filming.
  9. Tears of a clown.
  10. Yorkshire accents.
  11. Trev loves beacons.
  12. Trev and Simon sing.
  13. Carry your Little Belisha Beacon/*****.
  14. Grandad pierrots.
  15. The Eggrobats.
  16. Dan and the Doves.
  17. The Rogers Brothers.
  18. The Cox Twins.
  19. Hair up/Hair down.
  20. trev and DIY.
  21. James Ward and Blu-Tack.
  22. the “Carrot” Farm.
  23. Trev meets a tricologist.
  24. Dead Man’s Shoes.
  25. York.
  26. Tadcaster.
  27. Looking for an ending.

We hope you enjoy it. And we hope to do another next Wednesday, most likely our last before Christmas. If you need any festive questions answering, you know you can rely on us.

The Rogers brothers and the Cox Twins

September 9, 2009

Two of our lesser known characters from the days of Going Live! would most likely be The Rogers Brothers. Randolf and Rudy Rogers, an old musical hall act, sons of the popular seaside variety act, Bucket and Spade. Bucket and Spade, both dead, survived only as a framed photograph on top of Randolf’s piano. Rudy, played by me, was prone to awful bouts of depression over the death of his parents. It would descend upon him as a black cloud and the boys would declare “Mr Gloom is in the room”, or “Mr Glum has come” or “Mr Misery is in the vicinity”. Trev, as Randolf, would attempt to cheer his brother up with a jaunty “Hey ho! Pop pop!” As in sketches so in life.

Quite why this was allowed to be on a Saturday morning childrens show is bewildering to me. Obviously we must have sat around and thought, what are the kids into these days? And the answers that came back were hippies, barbers and old-time music hall acts singing vaguely rude songs and weeping openly over the death of their parents. Hey ho! Pop pop!

One of our songs was an old music hall ditty called Carry Your Little Belisha Beacon Everywhere You Go. We’ve sung ths song throughout our career in a variety of guises; the Eggrobats- bald men in nappies, The Rogers Brothers, and a scout leader and his boyscout friend.

The Eggrobats- Simon Hickson, Phil Dennison and Trev Neal. Accompanied by Sophie Aldred, Kath Jones and Doon Mackichan.

The Eggrobats- Simon Hickson, Phil Dennison and Trev Neal. Accompanied by Sophie Aldred, Kath Jones and Doon Mackichan.

Here we are accompanied by The Doves from Dan and the Doves. The Doves being Sophie (later to be Ace in Dr. Who), kath, and Doon, (later to be big comedy cheese in The Day Today, Smack the Pony and the recent Taking the Flak). Poor Doon is obscured by the big glowing end of Trev’s beacon.

If you’d like to know the lyrics to this rude song you can find them here. I’ve tried to find out who it’s by but everytime I do a search I come back to me. I promise you, we did pinch it.

Nothing’s new and nothing’s original. We based the Rogers Brothers on The Cox Twins. However weird our creations were, the real deal were even weirder.

The Cox Twins

The Cox Twins

You can find out more about Frank and Fred here. But sadly not much. They married twins, Estelle and Pauline Miles, and then they all lived together in one house. The first time I saw them I was astonished. I can’t remember what they did, I just remember thinking they were nuts. In the nicest possible sense. They were funny and weird, but what did they do? They appear briefly in Funny Bones, Peter Chelsom’s film starring Lee Evans and Jerry Lewis and set in Blackpool. Truly, what more could you want from a film. The only clip I could find isn’t a performance, but you might like it anyway. Here they are being interviewed on TVam. With their twin wives.

Even less survives of the Rogers Brothers. They’re on our live video, the Blimey That’s Good Tour, but who has videos? Even I don’t have it. I used to hate watching it. The day before the show was recorded I had some jabs for a forthcoming holiday in The Gambia. I was given the wrong dose for, I think, Typhoid. Five times too much! Throughout the show I look like I am about to die. Hey ho! Pop pop!

But I did find something. One of the most bizarre clips I’ve seen. It’s us as the Rogers Brothers taking part in a Comic Relief special; singing along with a host of celebrities to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Everything’s here. It ranges from the apalling, Nicholas Witchell miming keyboards; to the moving, Caron Keating gooning around with her mum. You’ll see other faces that might lead to Mr Gloom coming into the room. And I don’t mean Noel Edmonds. And there’s a few degenerates in there too. I’ll let you figure out who they are.

And remember, nothing really matters. Hey ho! Pop pop!

Trev and Simon Podcast No.7

August 10, 2009


Here’s Podcast No. 7.  Andrea, our producer, says it’s “very funny and has a lovely vibe”. And she knows. And sorry once more but there has to be a warning! This Podcast contains bad language. Actually really quite bad bad language! Sorry. You have been warned. I blame David Cameron.

You can listen to/download it, here- Trev And Simon Podcast No. 7

Just click on the link above to listen to it. Or to download the podcast: On a PC, right-click on the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location on your computer. On a Mac, hold down Ctrl and click the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location.

And what’s in it? Here’s the list-

  1. 60s pop star Joe Brown
  2. Twitter
  3. Swearing!
  4. Simon’s special diet
  5. Trev’s holiday
  6. Hats and swimming pants
  7. Star-spotting on Trev’s holiday
  8. Silverfish
  9. (Queuing for) mints
  10. Being poisoned
  11. Would Trev or Simon pee on the other? Find out!
  12. Simon’s film review: The Taking Of Pelham 123
  13. Introducing Pickles the cat
  14. Simon’s second film review: Antichrist
  15. Unpleasant songs
  16. Sam Brown
  17. Meeting Syd Little
  18. David Cameron
  19. Questions from listeners
  20. Andrea fumigates Simon
  21. The Trev And Simon Festival
  22. Jokes from Trev And Simon’s Stupid Book
  23. How to play Wilderness
  24. More questions from listeners
  25. Fights
  26. Andrea chokes
  27. A game of Wilderness
  28. More jokes

There you go. And look! Here’s our book:


And guess what? It is available! On Amazon. And for only 1p! That’s a bargain. Only 4 left. Get it now for one penny, here.

Oh, and I apologise to all those listeners who are traumatised by Trev and Andrea’s singing of the 23rd best selling single of 1982.

Oh, and one more thing. Here’s what Trev drew during the podcast.


Trev and Simon Podcast No.7 recording tonight

August 7, 2009
Pot Fish by Sophy, aged 11

Pot Fish by Sophy, aged 11

Here’s some art by Sophy, aged 11, now, one would hope, in her mid twenties. Well done Sophy. Your art survives.

We’re doing a podcats tonight and we have loads of questions from you all. Thank you. We’ll get through as many as we can, and I will be rude to you all. Maybe. That’s me, Simon. Not Trev. He’s nice. But he could turn. he’s just back from holiday- two weeks in the sun- and now it’s just rain rain rain. Who knows what that will do to him.

Please keep on leaving comments, questions, and if we don’t get round to them this time, maybe next time.