Trev and Simon Podcast No.3 to be recorded Thursday

March 17, 2009

We’re doing our podcast No.3 on Thursday. To listen to 1 and 2 just click on the podcast link on the right and you should eventually get to them. Or search them out on iTunes. Regular readers of our blog will have noticed that recently we have been looking backwards; at events both real and possibly not. What does it matter? Real or imagined they all took place in the past. If you want us to talk about anything real or not please let us know. We’ll try to oblige, though we might be quite rude about you. One friend thought I was out of order last time and was a little dismissive of some of the questions sent in. Well, sorry, but not really.

Here’s something that did happen. Years ago we went touring around the World with Phillip Schofield’s Radio 1 Roadshow. Phillip invited us along to mess around, warm up the crowd, and then, during the show, give out fancy facts about the places we visited. We made those up. We drove around the world in Phillip’s open top BMW, hence the windswept hair look and frozen faces. We also made all the team swim naked in the sea at Great Yarmouth at midnight, and someone ran off with our clothes. That is true. The world bit is maybe false. if you look closely at this picture, you can see Phillip’s head. That’s all he had in those days; a head and no body. He used the body of Gordon the Gopher to get around, though that gave him trouble reaching the pedals. And as you can see he had a full head of dark brown hair. These days he dyes it grey. At least he has hair. Mine has long gone, but, not wanting to appear bald, I have developed a habit of putting an old birds nest on my head. If you follow Phillip on Twitter you’ll know he goes by the name of Schofe. We used to call him Schoffers. or Schonesbury.