Trev and Simon Podcast No.7

August 10, 2009


Here’s Podcast No. 7.  Andrea, our producer, says it’s “very funny and has a lovely vibe”. And she knows. And sorry once more but there has to be a warning! This Podcast contains bad language. Actually really quite bad bad language! Sorry. You have been warned. I blame David Cameron.

You can listen to/download it, here- Trev And Simon Podcast No. 7

Just click on the link above to listen to it. Or to download the podcast: On a PC, right-click on the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location on your computer. On a Mac, hold down Ctrl and click the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location.

And what’s in it? Here’s the list-

  1. 60s pop star Joe Brown
  2. Twitter
  3. Swearing!
  4. Simon’s special diet
  5. Trev’s holiday
  6. Hats and swimming pants
  7. Star-spotting on Trev’s holiday
  8. Silverfish
  9. (Queuing for) mints
  10. Being poisoned
  11. Would Trev or Simon pee on the other? Find out!
  12. Simon’s film review: The Taking Of Pelham 123
  13. Introducing Pickles the cat
  14. Simon’s second film review: Antichrist
  15. Unpleasant songs
  16. Sam Brown
  17. Meeting Syd Little
  18. David Cameron
  19. Questions from listeners
  20. Andrea fumigates Simon
  21. The Trev And Simon Festival
  22. Jokes from Trev And Simon’s Stupid Book
  23. How to play Wilderness
  24. More questions from listeners
  25. Fights
  26. Andrea chokes
  27. A game of Wilderness
  28. More jokes

There you go. And look! Here’s our book:


And guess what? It is available! On Amazon. And for only 1p! That’s a bargain. Only 4 left. Get it now for one penny, here.

Oh, and I apologise to all those listeners who are traumatised by Trev and Andrea’s singing of the 23rd best selling single of 1982.

Oh, and one more thing. Here’s what Trev drew during the podcast.