Trev and Simon Podcast No.9

November 13, 2009


I’ve been driven mad getting this post up. It’s taken yesterday afternoon and all of today. I’ve lost posts, I’ve uploaded and downloaded. Something in the computer has been reformatting everything. And then I realise. it’s Friday 13th. I suppose I’m luck to be alive. No more fuss and messing about. Here it is:

You can listen to/download it here- Trev and Simon Podcast no. 9

Just click on the link above to listen to it. Or to download the podcast: On a PC, right-click on the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location on your computer. On a Mac, hold down Ctrl and click the link, then select ‘Save Link As’ and download it to the selected location

And here’s what’s on it:

  1. Recording from the banks of the Thames
  2. Sweets
  3. **Warning! A technical hitch at 03:38**
  4. Remembrance Day
  5. Morrissey and The Specials
  6. Simon’s casting
  7. “Serenity now!”
  8. Simon’s mood
  9. Future podcasts
  10. Listeners’ questions
  11. Trev’s attire
  12. Bruce Forsyth
  13. Are Trev and Simon going back on tour?
  14. How Trev and Simon used to write
  15. More listeners’ questions
  16. Christmas presents
  17. Simon sings!
  18. Andrea sings!
  19. Moustaches
  20. Trev’s band
  21. Gary Glitter
  22. Who wants to marry Simon?

And, after a bit of a test, that seems to work. Sorry for starting off the post grumpy, but when computer’s go bad I have no idea.

And I made a mistake in the noonpod. I say my choir’s concert is on the 14th December. It’s not! It’s the 7th. If any of you can come along, or want to come along, please choose the correct Monday. Sorry about that error. I blame Stumpy. Serenity Now!

Oh, and to those of you who asked questions, thank you. if we haven’t answered yours it may be because we answere it in Podcast 10… recorded about half an hour after this one, this time inside the Royal Festival Hall. We’ll put that one up next week. And if we still haven’t answered your question… sorry. Maybe it was rubbish. Or maybe we’re just rude. Or we lost it. Or we’re rubbish. Or all of these things.

Yes, all of these things.

We met a photographer in the Royal Festival Hall. he came up, said hello, and took a couple of pics. And he’s kindly sent them on. Cheers Richard.


Trev and Simon by Richard Griffin


Trev Neal, Richard Griffin, Simon Hickson


At last, Podcast No.9 to be recorded

November 10, 2009

DSCN0553We’re recording a podcast tomorrow. Maybe two. We’ll see if we can talk enough rubbish to make it into a two parter. I suspect we’ll be able to do that.

But you lot always help and you always play your part. Please feel free to leave your comments, questions etc. The etc. being the most exciting parts.

Ask anything. the worst that can happen is we just ignore you. And the more we ignore you, the closer etc. Poor old Morrissey. First he’s ill, then he gets bottle chucked at him. Do you know what I’m on about? I’m not sure I do. I type this furiously whilst I should be doing some work. Of sorts. I’ve never done work work.

I must stop. Please leave us your questions and we will do our best to please. And insult.

Bye. I have been Simon not Trev. If this post seems flimsy, cobbled together, random, well it is. And I, Simon M Hickson, take full responsibility.

Let’s not forget Simon Hickson’s latest album

March 14, 2009

He keeps it very quiet. He probably posted that piece about my old Country and Western album to divert attention from himself. He’s very modest like that. But yes, Simon Hickson is a comedian, script writer, blogger, pool wizard and a talented singer/song writer. I’m sure he won’t mind me giving you a sneaky exclusive glimpse at the cover of his latest album – Simon Hickson, The Other Man in Black.

It’s an amazing album in which Simon brings all his musical influences together. Johnny Cash is there of course, as is the old Manchester Misery Morrissey but if you think that’s an unsual combination then listen out for some of the other stuff he’s pinched…er..I mean been influenced by…Sparks, ELO, Rick Wakeman and Alice Cooper (another Man in Black) to name but a few. This is a rich blend of some of the finest music that exists inside Simon Hickson’s head. Here’s your chance to stuff it inside your own head. Buy it. Play it. Try and bend it. It won’t break. This album is solid gold. I give it five stars even though the most I could give it in my imaginary music magazine review is four stars – that’s how good it is. No one’s gonna throw cheese at this man. This album is cheese proof. If you want to throw cheese at someone then go throw it at Gary Barlow. He loves cheese. Simon Hickson doesn’t…well unless it’s Black Cheese.

Simon Hickson – The Other Man in Black  * * * * *