Whigfield tells it like it is

March 12, 2009

whigfield1Do you remember Whigfield? I do. Also known as Sannie Charlotte Carlson, Whigfield had a huge hit in the 90’s with Saturday Night. What a great opening line; Dee Dee Na Na Na!

Now of course she came and performed the song on Live and Kicking! She was Number One in the charts, and also she would have had no choice. In the 90’s pop singers were treated like performing monkeys by their sinister svengali masters, the record pluggers. But sometimes they found their own way of rebelling. Whigfield rebelled on two fronts. Firstly, she refused to do the Saturday Night dance. This involved (and I quote from Wikipedia here) “the unusual feature of looping a pattern of five bar-long steps over an ordinary four-bar cycle of music.” I mean, I thought it was that, but, you know, it’s best to get these things right. And she wouldn’t do it. I think she was asked to do the dance on the show. She said, “I don’t do it.”

Later, we stood chatting to Whigfield, and this is where her second act of rebellion took place. Off camera, there was me, Trev, Emma Forbes and Whigfield. Emma asked Whigfield what it felt like to be Number One. And Whigfield said; “It feels like shit.”

Dee Dee Na Na Na!