Happy Spacemas!

December 6, 2015

Hello folks. Simon here. Out of Trev and Simon. Long time no blog post. Or something. If you follow us here and only here, and you’re wondering what’s up, what gives, what’s new… I should give a quick mention to STRANGENESS in SPACE, our new, crowd-funded, sci-fi comedy audio drama; written by us, performed by us along with Sophie Aldred, and starring a whole load of comedy royalty from Doon Mackichan to Rufus Hound. You can find out more by clicking on this link.

But today I’m going to spend most of my time banging on about our new, and first ever, Christmas record. Yes! We’ve recorded a Christmas record called Christmas in SpACE. I say we… it’s actually by Pink Custard (featuring Sophie Aldred). Thing is, keep it quiet, we’re Pink Custard!

It is, perhaps unsurprisingly, linked with STRANGENESS in SPACE: It helps promote the FREE show, and will also hopefully help raise funds needed to make Episodes 3 and 4. But we hope it is a good standalone pop song too. Listen carefully and you may well hear The World of the Strange in there, Moon Monkey, and even The Singing Corner Swinging their Pants!

Here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it.

And, if you did enjoy it, please consider buying it. It’s only 79p and all money we make will go directly into funding more free episodes of STRANGENESS in SPACE. You can get it at iTunes here or you can get it at Amazon here. (If you go for iTunes we may even get in their charts!) And also, if you fancy, please leave a review.

Finally, huge thanks to those who have worked so hard on getting this made, especially Jim, Clare, Frazer, and Dave. Dave took Trev’s song and turned it into a Spectoresque winter wonder. Dave also created this epic video, using footage filmed by Frazer on the day of recording. A huge thank you x