Let’s not forget Simon Hickson’s latest album

March 14, 2009

He keeps it very quiet. He probably posted that piece about my old Country and Western album to divert attention from himself. He’s very modest like that. But yes, Simon Hickson is a comedian, script writer, blogger, pool wizard and a talented singer/song writer. I’m sure he won’t mind me giving you a sneaky exclusive glimpse at the cover of his latest album – Simon Hickson, The Other Man in Black.

It’s an amazing album in which Simon brings all his musical influences together. Johnny Cash is there of course, as is the old Manchester Misery Morrissey but if you think that’s an unsual combination then listen out for some of the other stuff he’s pinched…er..I mean been influenced by…Sparks, ELO, Rick Wakeman and Alice Cooper (another Man in Black) to name but a few. This is a rich blend of some of the finest music that exists inside Simon Hickson’s head. Here’s your chance to stuff it inside your own head. Buy it. Play it. Try and bend it. It won’t break. This album is solid gold. I give it five stars even though the most I could give it in my imaginary music magazine review is four stars – that’s how good it is. No one’s gonna throw cheese at this man. This album is cheese proof. If you want to throw cheese at someone then go throw it at Gary Barlow. He loves cheese. Simon Hickson doesn’t…well unless it’s Black Cheese.

Simon Hickson – The Other Man in Black  * * * * *