The Trev and Simon Museum

The DevilfishhornClub bookmark, Edinburgh 1984

The DevilfishhornClub bookmark, Edinburgh 1984

Billing Billing and Billings Comical Capers (Simon, Phil Denison, Trev)

Billing Billing and Billings Comical Capers (Simon, Phil Denison, Trev)

The DevilfishhornClub programme, Edinburgh 1984

The DevilfishhornClub programme, Edinburgh 1984

The following pics are the pages from the above programme. They may be a bit difficult to read, but hey, who’s going to read them?







Design for Muck Off from the Blimey That's Good! Tour

Design for Muck Off from the Blimey That’s Good! Tour

The Radio 1 Roadshow with Phillip Schofield

The Radio 1 Roadshow with Phillip Schofield

Edinburgh Fringe 2001 or 2002

Edinburgh Fringe 2001 or 2002

Cigars and Shades 2

Moonmonkey - "Peg some nose!"

Moonmonkey – “Peg some nose!”

Swing your pants...if you're old enough to remember

In association with Pot Fish - Britain's No.1 Instant Fish Snack in a Pot

Pot Fish by Sophy, aged 11

DFHC 'newsletter' January 1987

DFHC ‘newsletter’ January 1987

55 Responses to The Trev and Simon Museum

  1. matt burke says:

    Glad to hear you back talking and stuff!

  2. Andrea says:

    my god, the pages from the programme made me laugh out loud. especially guess the picture and join the dots.

  3. Billy Williams says:

    Simon you have not changed a bit, still quick witted and funny as hell keep in touch….

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hiya guys.. mainly watched going live & live & kicking just to see your sketches as we all loved them . Hope your both ok . Would love to see you guys on tour again entertaining the masses again.
    please can you put your Abba sketch on youtube as thats my fave xxx

  5. Simon Hickson says:

    Thank you Charlotte. As for YouTube- we’ve not put anything on there. We’re happy for things to go up, but we’ve left all that to others. And as for an Abba sketch? I have no memory of ever doing one!

  6. Jamie says:

    Trev & Simon you legends, i used to love watching you both on Going Live, I Cannot Believe your doing podcasts now.(there intresting and funny btw) I was going through my video’s the other day and came across a couple of going Live shows 1 from around 91 & the final show & your Other,Stupid Video’s (memories) But the one i like the most was your Blimey That’s good Tour & More video. You both should have Released the World Tour from 1992 as i can only remember it coming out on a Laughing Stock Cassette Tape i have searched for sometime now for a filmed version (was it ever recorded on film) ? Anyways i would like to know if you plan to re-release any of your live tours on DVD? i have listened to all Four podcasts and would like it when you next do your 5th to mention about the World tour and hopefully give me an answer to my questions. Thank you.

  7. josh says:

    ah trev and simon. how we could do with you back on our screens today.

  8. Amy says:

    I grew up with you two and laughed myself silly every week during Going Live and Live & Kicking – those were the days! For some reason ‘Pickling Time’ sticks out in my mind! Wish I knew where I could find a clip of it! xxx

  9. Rebecca aka roger phillips says:

    Really good to see you are both still around and by the looks of things well. Was sorting out my old photos and came across pics of the Blimey thats good tour. (My friend and I came dressed up as crazy looking men with curly wigs and goggly glasses, which we later presented to you along with a signed photo, of which only one exisits, you lucky pair.)Any way I was reminded of just how funny the tour was and it promted me to google you and well this is the outcome.

  10. Simon Hickson says:

    Yes, I think I remember you two. Freaks! only joking. Freaks! No, not really. Maybe. I’m sure you don’t wear the wigs and glasses now.

  11. Rebecca aka roger phillips says:

    I remember you were a bit freaked out when you came into the audience as we made ourselves known! The wig is most probably gathering dust in a long lost Tesco carrier bag and glasses have been changed for a far more flattering pair.

  12. jamie says:

    Thank you for answering my questions on the latest podcast! , just one however that wasn’t answered which was when you did the world tour from 1992 was it ever recorded on film and if so is there anyway of getting hold of a copy as the only time i have seen it is on a laughing stock cassette and have searched for years trying to track down a video?

    • Trevor Neal says:

      Hi jamie – sadly no – the World Tour was never filmed – only the Blimey That’s Good Tour a couple of years later and still available on video in all good charity shops and car boot sales

  13. Fantastic! Went to see you on the Blimey That’s Good Tour, so it was nice to see the poster again (at the Swansea Grand, dontcha know…) Loving the podcasts and the blogs. Nice to have you back in our lives!

  14. Jamie says:

    Hi Trevor – thanks for the reply, I’m dissapointed that it was never filmed as i was hoping to track it down in some archive, As for the ”blimey thats good tour” i already have it aswell as the ‘other’ & ‘stupid’ video’s which i originally bought when i was a child! i’m 27 now . also managed to track down a few going live shows recently !! when is your next tour (do you have one) and if so will you be anywhere in Brighton? thank you.

    • Trevor Neal says:

      Sorry Jamie but we’re no longer touring – we’re mainly script writing now so live gigs are very rare these days. Thanks for buying the videos though. Cheers – Trev

  15. David says:

    Hi Trev,

    I just tried it again with Firefox and it looks good. Cheers

  16. Rachel Dunstan says:

    Hi Trev and Simon

    Our family have always answered any multiple choice questions with “A) Kylie” ever since there was a sketch on Live and Kicking where Simon answered a) Kylie to everything.

    We can’t remember what the sketch was…can you help as I would love to download it.

    Swing your pants!

  17. Simon Hickson says:

    Can’t remember I’m afraid. We did the Kylie A routine on tour too, where it would go on for ages. It is on a cassette of our live tour which was given away with PG Tips for Comic Relief. You might get one on ebay for 1p.

    • Slapavision says:

      Hey Simon and Trev.. I contacted Laughing Stock almost two years ago about the ‘World Tour’ tape, and got a friendly response from the general manager – Mike O’Brien.

      He located the master tape and promised to dub the source to CD. After that I received no further response, the Laughing Stock website changed the year after and Mike seems to have gone. I contacted them more recently but again no response.

      So I took action and dubbed my old dusty PG Tips tape to the web 2.0

      It would be great to hear the whole recording, I’ve grown up listening to the cut-up mere 25 minutes a *thousand* times, perhaps someone can look into it?

      ‘C.. AMERICAN!’

      ‘Hey Simon…! remember when we were in that hot tub with Sarah Green and Philip Schofield and we… OK THAT’S THE END OF THE QUIZ!… YOU TREV! YOU! YOU!’

  18. Craig says:

    Hey, enjoyed your stuff greatly when I was kid, was far too long ago now though. The Stupid and Other Videos still get a yearly viewing! And a question, where did you guys get the World of the Strange music from? Made especially for you? Stock music? BBC vaults? Would it be available anywhere?

    Thanks for the many laughs

  19. Simon Hickson says:

    Hi Craig,

    Can’t help with that I’m afraid. It was such a long time ago. It was from one of those BBC records with lots of spooky theme music on it- generic stuff, not from any particular show. hey, but then we made it ours.

    • Craig says:

      Hey Simon, I was undertaking a World Of the Strange inspired project, but it’s not the same without that piece of music! It sets the atmosphere so perfectly.

      Thanks for the reply, hope all is well

  20. Juliet says:

    Hi Guys. Still watch both the videos from the Going Live days, still find them as funny now as i did then. My kids love ’em too and we have many pant swinging sessions in front of the TV!! Saw you on tour (can’t recall the year) but Moon monkey in the lycra all in one is firmly etched on my brain…we laughed so much….thanks for such happy memories boys!!

  21. ninja sketch was funny and the now legendary hair cupboard ,what sorta music soes your band play now?

    • Simon Hickson says:

      I (Trev) play in two bands- SUCKER – original punk pop type stuff and Thanet City Rockers – doing covers from the 60’s 70’s and a few from the 80’s – The Clash, The Jam, Bowie, Bolan, Small Faces, Specials etc. – all our favourite songs. Cheers!

  22. Chris Hunt says:

    Hi Trev & Simon

    Have great memorys of your going live days!! Grown up with swap shop, but even as a young adult, i couldnt miss watching your sketchs on a saturday morning, been watching them again on youtube, fantastic!!!
    Trying hard to find a sketch you guys did dressed up as Andy Bell & Vince clarke of Erasure, it was so funny, i remember my jaw hurt for days laughing!! Is there anyway i can see or download that sketch??
    Fantastic guys, keep on smiling 😉

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Sorry Chris, not to my knowledge. Whoever puts our stuff up on YouTube does a fine job. You may be able to pester them to track it down.

    • Joff Thompson says:

      I remember that! It was a send-up of the video to “STOP!” I still go on about it now to my brother who’s a huge Erasure fan (and Trev & Simon!) and would love to be able to show him one day!

  23. Hey Zeus says:

    Dear Trevor and Simon,

    I didn’t know you had a podcast, that’s very exciting!
    I was trying to explain to a friend recently that you guys didn’t only do children’s telly. In fact my fondest memory of seeing you on telly was on a late-night show. It might have been Jonathan Ross- did you do Jonathan Ross? You were being boy scouts leaders and talking to the host about what your job entailed.
    TREVOR “we gather around and sing ging gang gooly”

    (audience laughs)

    TREVOR “now, what you have to remember is, that gooly didn’t mean the same thing then as it does today”

    SIMON (standing up proudly) “NO, BUT TWAT DID”

    oh my god, i was eight years old and laughed until my mother sent me to bed for laughing too much. I’ve quoted that sketch for twenty years, but never seen it again. does it exist anywhere on the internets?

    I realise you deal with a lot of requests here. But it must be nice to be reminded of your greatest hits even if you didn’t manage to set the video at the time.

    keep up the good work!

  24. Simon Hickson says:

    Hi Hey Zeus,

    that made me laugh out loud. I remember the show. but not that particular line. I think it was for Saturday Zoo. I remember we did a Bob a Job ref- relating to the collection of one of Bob Geldof’s stools- we nust have been desperate to escape the confines of morning tv to stoop so low.

    Cheers, Simon

  25. Lucy says:

    Hi Trev & Simon

    One of your ‘Swing your pants’ songs popped in to my head today so I thought I’d google you to see what you were up to these days. How exciting that you’ve got an up-to-date website and a podcast!!!

    The song I was singing was “I love my shirt, I love my shirt. My shirt is so comfortably lovely”. I loved swinging my pants so much that song has stuck with me since my school days (20+ years!!).

    I’m sure your catchphrases have stayed with a whole generation of kids – I’m sure I’m not the only person who “doesn’t do duvets” whenever they’re changing their bed!



  26. Kate says:

    Trevor and Simon,

    Like most of the replies before me have said, a big big thank you for making me laugh so hard over the years. The first time I saw you do the Singing Corner, pretending you were on TOTP with those mannequins as the audience, made me and my sister cry and all these years on we still laugh about it. She even bought me your Jennifer Juniper single for my 40th birthday last year which I’m sorry to say I cannot play because I don’t have a bloody record player! I know you are about so much more than just the Singing Corner but she’s getting married next year so a major pant swinging session is on the cards and it’s all down to you….
    By the way what’s your favourite Jam record?

  27. Greg D says:

    Hey Trevor/Simon,

    I am having a Hallowen party this weekend and am planning on making some ‘Spooky’ surprises for a friends. I remember one particularly fine Halloween sketch of yours which included ‘Spooky Spoonhead’ &’Spooky Videocassette’. Can you remember any others which may have appeared in that sketch so I can make them for my party?



  28. Sorry to intrude on you everyone but I am a 73 years young ‘silver surfer’ from Bournemouth. I write to pop stars about their hits because they do need a good telling off sometimes or just a bit of help and sometimes a nice big thank you!

    I file my correspondance in a virtual cabinet at Do have a look as I think you scamps also need to see where these types are going wrong and when they deserve a good pat on the back!

    You can also add me as a facebook friend through my ‘site’ and make an old duffer very happy! I use the popular networking window screen to talk to my friends about all sorts, suchlike and new letters.OK I’m off now I won’t bother you again cheery bye!’

  29. jamie says:

    Hi Trev/Simon
    Just wondered when you will be recording another podcast as it seems like ages since the last?
    look forward to hearing from you both soon

  30. Andy C says:

    Hello Trev and Simon,

    Just downloaded your podcasts. Great to hear you guys again. Thanks for the memories from Saturaday morning and now the new material via the podcasts.

    All the best


  31. Bee says:

    Hello Trev and Simon…

    So great to discover I can still watch and hear your humour on the internet!! Swing your pants was such a theme to growing up… Also, I have a really vivid memory of your singing corner sketch where you had been hiking in Iceland and kept saying “vee are vearing crampons!” It was so funny, I wish i could see it again.

    Best wishes, Bee

  32. Simon Hickson says:

    Hi Bee,

    We definitely did that “joke” as a couple of Swedish hikers in an episode of Rab C. Nesbitt called “country” (Rab. C. Nesbitt’s response- “That’s taking this new man thing a wee bit too far” or something like that. I can’t begin to imagine we would have been so cheeky as to try and say a word that rhymes with tampons on Saturday morning Tv… but maybe we did. my memory’s useless.

    All the best, Simon

  33. […] we’d troop out onto a stage dressed as the Singing Corner, then, for a second set, as Mick McMax and Moon […]

  34. Joff Thompson says:

    Hi Trev and Simon,

    I’ve arrived a bit late to the podcasts, but am getting through them now one by one.
    I’m so pleased you’re doing new stuff, I always thought you were/are MASSIVELY underrated. The amount of original characters you created I think is pretty phenomenal (doo doo, doo doo doo doo!).
    It’s a shame there’s no way of seeeing all the old sketches again. I’ve got “STUPID” and “OTHER” videos and “BLIMEY! THAT’S GOOD” on video and the audio tape of “WORLD TOUR”, but there’s so much I missed and have forgotten about.
    One character I remember, but no one else does, was the Reverent Palmsworthy! No one remembers it! I’m sure I didn’t make it up! I’m sure Trev was the Rev’ and Simon was like his P.A or something? Am I right?

    I’ll shut up now, except to say, I have a VHS tape of “Trev And Simon’s Summer Special”. I’m getting made redundant again in a few weeks, so will have some spare time on my hands. If it’s OK with you, I’d quite like to put it on YouTube? Some great stuff on there – Jeff and Geoff the Chefs, Vicar Watch, Encyclomedia, Win a holiday for two in a cup! Which do you prefer? Baywatch or Bacon?

    Definitely shutting up now, just want to say thanks guys for all the laughs and memories, I think you really do deserve to give yourselves a pat on the back!!

    Joff Thompson
    P.S What sort of scripts are you working on? I’ve written four (count ’em) sitcom scripts now and am having trouble getting them on the right desks so to speak!

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Hi Joff,

      Thanks for all those kind comments. Yes, you’re right; Trev was the Reverend Palmsworthy and I was his supposedly hip adviser. The character was banned in the end- we did some kind of Elvis/God sketch and it received a few complaints. In general there were complaints from some people who found it, I guess, blasphemous!

      And yes, by all means put the stuff up on You Tube. I’d love to see some of those bits again. My mum may possibly have it somewhere on VHS, but I don’t even have a video player these days.

      We’ve been working on some kids sitcoms (Dani’s House, My Spy Family) and are at the moment having a bash at a film. Good luck with the scriptwriting. If you get any of them off the ground and you need a couple of daft actors please bear us in mind.



      • Joff Thompson says:

        Great. Will get Summer Special up there in the next few weeks. On one of the podcasts you mentioned the chemists but couldn’t remember their names. Well, you were Jim Jones and Trev was Tom Jones, and despite sharing a surname, you informed us you weren’t related!
        I was actually at a house warming party last night and there was some Iceland buffet food there and one of my mates mentioned it needed ‘spicing up a bit’ like you did in the barbers shop. Sadly no one had any lemon curd, stomach bile or even soy-soy-so-soy sauce….!
        Regarding my writing, well, I did funnily enough always want to have you two feature somewhere. I wrote a bit at the start of one script called Plenty More Fish where you two were fitting an oven in the first scene! I also wanted to to feature Geoffrey Hayes from Rainbow too in another as a van driver!
        But still.. The most frustrating thing for me is getting people to see my stuff. All the main producers won’t touch stuff unless it’s through an agent. But can I get an agent? Do Ken and Eddie do perms?
        Vicious circle!I’ve written four now and am working on another three. It’s kind of disheartening, especially when you see total trash like Coming Of Age on BBC3. Still, we must press on, as Clare Rayner once said. Possibly. All the best, Joff
        PS. cheers for the facebook adds!

  35. Phil Goodwin says:

    For years we have called a friend of ours Tony Globe due to his uncanny resemblance to your character ‘Tony Globe’. After many years of this he informed us he had never seen Tony Globe and had no idea what we were going on about. We have searched the web for pictures of Tony Globe and not come up with any could you come to our aid. We maybe uniting Tony Globe with his unknown love child !!!!!

  36. alex phillips says:

    Hi trev and dont know if you remember but my dad christopher phillips was the bingo caller at the edinburgh festival 1992 just thought id say hi

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Hi Alex, I do indeed remember your dad. He was great and did a greta job for us. Say hello and give him our best wishes. Cheers, Simon

  37. edh says:

    saw you in 1984 at the fringe club when you did a spot to promote your show then went along to your Devil Fish Horn Club with my parents and you pulled me out of the crowd and held a gun and an egg to my head … good times.

  38. popa says:

    god bless the singing corner. I missed you two, how come you havent been on loads of the panel shows on telly. You would be perfect in that. Dave says hi
    take care

  39. Kate says:

    Hi guys – much giggling in our house the other day when we found our copy of Stupid Video and immediately showed it to our children. They agreed that most of it was stupid but their favourite was, of course, the Singing Corner – our 14 yr old now has half her school regularly performing I Love My Shirt during breaks and lunch and competing with each other to pop up from the most unexpected place and sing Swing Your Pants-pants-pants with the Elephants-phants-phants(Bo-bo-bo-bo!). Thanks for all the giggles and its great to be able to see what you are up to now! Kate and Neil.

  40. Rustymini says:

    I was lucky enough to be a roadie in the 1980’s/1990’s. Can’t remember the year but we provided the P.A. for you when you toured with Fat & Frantic. Two wonderful stand out moments were when you did the Old McDonalds sketch (mad cow desease). When you said that the pig had had his bollecks cut off I’ve never seen so many Mothers usher their young children out of a gig. The other was outside the venue (Wolverhampton Civic Hall I think) when you took a photo of all the roadcrew. In over 2000 gigs it was the only time I ever remember the act photographing the roadies.
    I’m in my 50’s now and have a sensible job. I’ve tried to explain your act to some of my younger colleagues at work. I can’t.

  41. Mr. Webster Esq. says:

    just……..hang on a minute, so many words or so little, I feel priveleged to have enjoyed your antics on numerous occasions. Mad? no…. ok maybe a little but just pure genius.

    I think somebody has just eaten our local post office. I hope there was no queue.

    Hearty laughs all around!

  42. pamela march says:

    Oh, how we laughed!
    I loved Ken and Eddy Kennedy especially as Kennedy was my maiden name. Still quote your lines ‘We don’t do duvets’ Eeww…..just remembered all that hair in the barber shop.
    Came to see you once at the Beck theatre in Hayes… I think…It was hilarious then and it’s all still making me giggle now. I think I may have a t-shirt somewhere. Anyway ta for the laffs, keep it coming! x

  43. edmunger says:

    Dear Moon Monkey,
    We are having a Stag weekend in Bournemouth on the 14/15th October and I am going to dress my brother (the Stag) as Moon Monkey! He will love the surprise 😉
    Any tips on how the yellow suit ended up as the MM costume?
    Please reply 😉


    In association with Pot Fish – Britain’s No.1 Instant Fish Snack in a Pot

    • Simon Hickson says:

      Sorry my reply is so late. I have been… preoccupied. My slither suit has shrunk in the wash, but I was still in it, and I had to go into rehaberdashery. I hope you had a good stag do and made some noise! MM

  44. edmunger says:

    Thanks MM,

    We had an awesome night, somehow our MM ended up with a gimp mask on as well??


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